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Vegan Osaka

Plant-based cheeses, mock meats, savory snacks and sweets. All made fresh in Osaka. Vegan, nut-free.


Contact for sample order, B2B, bulk order, or B2C.

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Qrea8iv Nation - Liberia

Sustainable development and energy solutions in Liberia. In coordination with NPO AfrikClean, Qrea8iv, and Gain Global Logistics. 

Contributing partnership available.

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Be the Best You

A place for women to share aspirations, set goals, and challenge each other in a small group.

The next container starts in March!

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Cross-cultural Business Workshop Series

Cross-cultural teams hit road bumps. This multi-part series explores cultural difference in the workplace, challenges and successes.  Co-facilitated with Miki Takashima. 

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